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Visual Inquisitor

While many would argue that the pervasion of the internet into our daily lives has shortened attention spans, there are others who perceive the internet with optimism, as a place for open source learning that will revolutionize the ways we interact with history. It is also a tool that encourages new modes of thinking. On CHNM’s website Dan Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig composed Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web, it is within the introduction that Cohen and Rosenzweig list as an advantage of digital media hypertextuality. It is hypertext that eliminates centrality and allows users the flexibility to navigate data unguided through links and nodes, and as George Landow states, “emphasizes that the marginal has as much to offer as the central” (“Introduction,” Digital History) In essence, hypertext provides us with non-linear modes of thinking and is thus reconditioning…

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