Meeting Minutes

Officers in Attendance:

Laura, president
Chris, treasurer
Kristen, website coordinator
Blyth, vice president
Tina, Secretary


  • Kristen Indicated she will continue to manage the website.
  • There is a need for blog posts.  Guidelines were determined.  2 paragraphs or 300ish words and should be semi-professional
  • The website will continue to include job listings, interesting resources and department news or events

Travel funds

  • It was noted that travel funds are needed for students presenting papers
  • Funds will be reimbursed to the students.
  • The process of obtaining the funds was discussed.  Students need to get a travel request form online.  It should cover car rentals and other incidentals.

Officer Training

  • September 4th, Financial Training, 1 p.m., HUB Ballroom
  • September 18th, 8 p.m.
    • It was noted that Laura, Chris and Blythe will attend these meetings
  • September 5th, RSO Training, 3 p.m.
    • Tina, Laura & ?? who else will be attending


  • Spring Symposium
    • Discussed number of graduate students (30)
    • Question of whether or not to include outside schools. University of Maryland College Park and George Washington University were suggested
    • Recent Graduates included too?
    • Discussed ultimate goal of a symposium during both Fall and Spring Semester, determined it is best to get a first annual up and going, then work the second into the schedule.
    • Discussion for the Symposium format:  Two sessions of three papers each and break in between allowing a flexible schedule where more students to attend.
    • Paper Submissions
      • Indepth discussion about the “intimidation” factor to submitting papers.
      • Solution: enlisting faculty support and selecting 2 or 3 top papers of their class and suggesting the students submit papers
  • Need to generate Enthusiasm for the Association:
    • Face to Interaction
    • Networking
    • Website participation
    • Meeting attendance
    • Trips outside course work (example New York City)
  • Guest Speakers
    • Laura previously reserved a space on Oct 12th
    • Adjunct Professors, local Art Historians
    • Prof. DeCaroli’s advice:
      • Identify the individual, enlist assist of a faculty member, email the individual, offer an “honorarium” of less than $500
  • Activity Goals
    • 1 Social Activity/monthly
    • 1 Academic/Professional Meeting/monthly

Action Items:

Blyth: Flyer

Tina: Compile meeting minutes and create planning agendas for next meeting

Next Officer Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 4th, ?

Follow-up Items:

  • Funding Budget
  • Planning future events and creating methods for additional students to participate in association

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