post: notes on modern and contemporary art

reblogged from Ways of Seeing

So I’ve just found out about post: notes on modern and contemporary art around the globe, and I think it’s kind of neat.

post (little p) is a semi online forum for art discussion, I think. I’m still kind of navigating it. The site is run predominantly through the folks at MoMA but encourages participation from other museum professionals, scholars, and ordinary people like you and me. Here’s a bit from the about page:

post is a site for encounters between the established and experimental, the historical and emerging, the local and global, the scholarly and artistic. An online journal, archive, exhibition space, and open forum that takes advantage of the nonhierarchical nature of the Internet, post seeks to spark in-depth explorations of the ways in which modernism is being redefined. The site’s contents are intended to build nuanced understandings of the histories that shape the practices of artists and institutions today. As a networked platform, post aims to provide an alternative to the model of a unified art historical narrative.

post invites active participation! It is a space for sharing research and testing ideas, a platform for critical responses, and an instrument for increasing expertise through exposure to knowledge from around the globe. post is designed to produce a changing and layered articulation of multiple modernities, which will emerge over time as more people from more places participate. While post takes as its starting point research undertaken at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), it will continue to seek and develop a network of engaged partners and users whose complementary research and concerns will shape future approaches and content. New essays, interviews, reports, and reflections, as well as archival materials and artists’ commissions, will be released regularly to ensure that new voices enter the debates and new research concentrations continue to emerge.

I’ve registered, you can find my profile here (and now the whole world knows who I am) and I assume I can just jump in and join the conversation! I haven’t gone through all the content yet but I’m excited about this ‘space for discussion’ concept, even more so about having the opportunity to share ideas with professionals and people I otherwise wouldn’t have contact with. I suppose I’m a bit intimidated to start talking but hopefully after some more poking around I’ll get up the courage to speak.

What do you think about museums trying to interact with “regular” people to create a new Art Historical dialog? In some ways I think that’s what we are trying to do with AHGA, stimulate the conversation outside of the classroom/museum and just circulate info. Do you think you’ll use/benefit from post?


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